About Us

We at KalaManthan aspire to create a platform where artist from any part of our country can showcase their talent and achieve true worth of their art forms. With a huge population and immensely rich and diverse cultures, India boasts of being pioneer of art and culture. Indian art which includes literature, music, dance, paintings, handicrafts, and many more, are dated back to thousands of years.

The biggest assets and pride of India and Indians are that these art forms originated at a different era, influenced profoundly to Indian society and culture and augmented its value through generations.

Today digitization has opened many avenues. India has taken the Digital path and we at KalaManthan want to create an opportunity with the help of technology for Digital India to bring out the hidden talents and hues of our cultural heritage. We dream to give wings to creativity of every artist of this land who is ignorant of her or his own potential and clueless about the ways.

There is a major section of India, often looking out for new talent. Be it literary circle or musicians or fine arts patrons, all want to experience a new outlook. Existing social and digital media platforms help to publish the creativities of the individuals but that beautiful poem or sketch or story is never able to reach the true milestone, where the artist can also get universal notice and accolade.

KalaManthan is the first platfrom of its kind in India, whose team works towards bridging this gap between the art creators and art seekers. Kalamanthan will have artist and its patrons as two ends. With our strong panelists from different genre, who will review your content, you will be provided guidance and support and your selected creativity will be available to a larger audience & true art seekers.

So, register yourself and dwell deep into the vast ocean of art and its gems!

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