No. this is a free online platform which just needs you to be original and good in your field.
User registration is quite simple, you just have to fill the form to get your own account and start uploading and unleashing your creativity.
Create your account, and you will be allocated a dashboard. You can upload your couplets, poetry, symphony, short stories and novels (only condition is that it should be your original work).
We have a two step review process.
1) Team Kalamanthan reviews and forwards the selected article.
2) Selected article are reviewed and segregated on themes and selected for top of the week charts too.
Yes, each and every article goes through a review process, even if it's a veteran of KalaManthan.
Yes, the review process along with the literary test also puts the submitted writing through plagiarism test. We are extremely strict about posting plagiarism free content.
Go to the Contact Us section, fill the form along with your message or mail us at contact@kalamanthan.in and Team KalaManthan will get back to you.
The article should be fresh, unpublished, not even on your blog.
Yes, all the article after going through the review process are Copyrighted on writer's name and will be published with credentials.
Yes, a registered user can upload different content multiple times under different categories and each content goes for review process with our panelist, before finally getting uploaded to KalaManthan Feed.
Interested parties will contact KM and quote their price of purchase of the article. Owner of the article can decide what is the best price she/he can offer. KM will help in bridging this gap and will make the transaction from buyer to seller smoothly. Note: Registered User must provide their Bank Details for transfer of money to KM, which will be secured and protected information.
Yes you can. A fixed price helps to close the deal faster and user can close the transaction with the purchaser quickly via KalaManthan platform.
Our platform supports the standard protocols of Wired Transfer as accepted by any B2B company like PayPal, RuPay etc. It’s the same secured transaction which any user does while doing online shopping.
Yes. This is a global site for sharing your talent to the world. Though we are currently supporting Hindi & English language for content writing (Poems, Short Stories, Novels), other languages will come soon on the platform. Other art contents have no such restriction.
All transactions of buy and sell are via INR and quoted prices will be always in INR. Standard layer of wired transfer (via 3rd Party) will take care of the conversion rate and fee which is a general trend in any online purchase.
Yes! Our team helps the user to get the right pricing of their content and this service is completely free of cost.
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