Lyrics     Lyrics

Lyrics are the words which are often sung as a song. Although there are variety of lyrics rendered in different forms known by different names in Hindi/Urdu as well as English language.

Lyrics and music complement each other just as the heart and the soul.

KalaManthan is eager to unleash and welcome all the creativity in all the genres of lyrics.

Geet, Kavita, Gazal, Nazm are few known forms in Hindi/Urdu.

Poem, Sonnet, Elegy, Ode are few known forms in English.

Music     Music

Music is the combination or rythmic sound of musical instrument with or without vocal, in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion. Music is older than lyrics and existed from time immemorial. The first music was of course by mother nature when wind through the leaves and chirping of birds as well as the splash of waterfall together made a rhythm which is difficult to recreate even today.

If words are soul of the song then music bejewels those words. Kalamanthan will not only give a platform to new age musicians but also try to give you a history of the various new and old instruments. We would also welcome entries if you come across any folk music across our country.

Fine Arts     Fine Arts

The five main fine arts are painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry, with performing arts including theatre and dance. We at Kalamanthan are happy to create a platform for artist of all the fields. Display your ideas, creations and get guidance from best in industries and showcase your talent to the world.

Short Stories     Short Stories

KalaManthan is looking for young minds who have talent to make short stories. These stories could be your own life experience or imaginative, but motto is to make readers excite. One should feel the joyfulness or go into deep thought after reading your stories.

Note that top 100 short stories will be published by KalaManthan every year on our Yearly KM Short Stories Collection. Your story could be one of them too!

Novels     Novels

If you have a wonderful vocabulary and can make an amazing draft of some experience or event, KalaManthan is waiting for that right novel. If you have a story that can make readers thrilled or glued to the book, pen it down and if needed get our panelists' guidance for chapters' distribution and publish it on our site.

Note that KalaManthan partners with top publishing houses to publish top 3 novels of the year and distribute across mega bookstores for end users purchase. Your's could be one in the gallery too!

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